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(Some originals may have copyright protection and some are from other websites)

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Having a tow from a Valiant Where and when?
From Arthur Creighton - Valiant nav and later B-757 captain with Monarch

Found at AOPA HQ in ~ 1990 Where and when? From David Broughton

Khormaksar ~ 1966 From John James whilst on 105 Sqn (from

Where & When? From John James whilst on 105 Sqn (from

XR135 114Sqn, Liverpool Speke, 1 May 71
Copyright Steve Williams (from Info from Tom Sneddon.

XP450 (ex 215/70 Sqns), sold to Philippine Air Lines 76, broken up 83. Copyright Bill Blachford (from Info from Tom Sneddon.

Thorney Island western shore. Can't recall who sent this, but the 242 OCU aircraft (with a letter) and area were identified by Alan Selby.

Where & When? Picture in the old control tower at Wickenby
Found by David Broughton

XR134 - first camouflaged Argosy Bentwater 1969 From Martin Willing

Dropping Troops Italian paras on NATO exercise in Italy From Norman Hodnett

English Channel 1968~69 From Ian Haldane

215 Sqn Argosy Where and when?

3-Engined Go-around - 1960s Submitted by Carol Sawbridge

XN820 of Benson Argosy Wing 1969 From Martin Willing

XN891 Cockpit at the Newark Air Museum From Trevor Lightburn